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DATA Consultants

European and Regional Development Consultants

DATA Consultants was founded in 1994. It specializes in the provision of consulting services’ to Regional and Local Administration bodies, organizations and bodies that develop European and Regional Development projects. It also has significant experience in Research & Documentation as well as in the provision of communication services through the Contact Center.

It provides services of a high-level, a fact which is confirmed by the long-term collaborations with local, regional and centralauthorities, collective agencies and organizations yet with small and medium-sized businesses across Greece.

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The clients and authorities that we have worked with consider us as the “most reliable source of business-related information, as the company that will conduct a study in an excellent manner - the company that has a team of executives who are characterized by a completeness that cannot be found elsewhere. They consider us as the company that has a sense of ethics for which there is no doubt." We possess and share our knowledge on Regional Development.

Every minute we strive to be the modern, consulting services’ company that serves the private and public sector in the Region and the trusted partner in the provision of services to national or multinational businesses that aim to operate and invest in the Region.

The majority of our executives and consultants are experts, scientists and project managers who produce business-related and social-related information whilst they provide practical technical assistance and consultation in their fields of expertise. Another point of distinction for ourselves is the transparency and the ethics that characterize the projects that we undertake, therefore our core principles. We are confident to say that we provide services of a unique quality, with speed and at a reasonable cost.

As a business, we are dedicated to what we are doing since 26 years. We love our country and the place we live in and we show that through social interventions in the field of regional development such as the large conferences regarding Regional Development, the promotion and rewarding of people and bodies that stand out.

The future lies in Regional Development, in the complex Regional projects and Data Consultants are determined to contribute….We are ahead of the curve and that’s documented!

Dimitris Aspros

Managing Director - CEO

Our Executives

Dimitrs Asproslinked-icon

Dimitris Aspros

Managing Director

Konstantinos Louloudislinked-icon

Konstantinos Louloudis

Financial Manager

Regional Development and Social Cohesion

Vasileios Kasiolaslinked-icon

Vasileios Kasiolas


Vivian Tasopouloulinked-icon

Vivian Tasopoulou


Theodora Tsokoulinked-icon

Theodora Tsokou

Project Manager

Co-Funded National Projects

Irene Gkizalinked-icon

Irene Gkiza


Thalia Kanelopouloulinked-icon

Thalia Kanellopoulou


Magda Kitsonilinked-icon

Magda Kitsoni

Assistant Manager

Dora Tsolakilinked-icon

Dora Tsolaki

Project Manager

European Projects

Theodora Kanellakopouloulinked-icon

Theodora Kanellakopoulou


George Souloslinked-icon

George Soulos


Maria Zogopouloulinked-icon

Maria Zogopoulou

Assistant Manager

Contact Center

Alexandra Kaloulinked-icon

Alexandra Kalou


Marina Labropouloulinked-icon

Marina Labropoulou

Project Manager

Dimitrios Antonatoslinked-icon

Dimitrios Antonatos

Project Manager


Our constant concern is the improvement and the upgrading of our services, the training of our staff and the implementation of best practices for the management of our projects. We adopt and apply national and international standards and cooperate with institutions that certify and ensure the quality of the services we provide.

Πιστοποίηση ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the activities of:

Quantitative Market Research Design and Conduct│ Mystery Shopping Research Design and Conduct │Call Center Services Provision │Labor Market Research Conduct │ Desk Study Research Conduct │Provision of Consulting Services to Businesses and Public Bodies │ Provision of Human Resources’ Use Services

Certified Consultant

Certified Consultant

in the categories of “Strategic Business Consulting” and “Organization of Structures and Operations”

logo SEDEA

ΣΕΔΕΑ – PESS (Qualitative Data Collection Control)

PESS Standards application Certification for research methodology and conduct

logo EFQM

European Distinction

Data Consultants has received the European Distinction Award of “Commitment to Business Excellence” by the EFQM Standard

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